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    I polled some of the Private School baseball coaches and they have agreed to participate in a Weekly Top 10 of all Private School Baseball teams. While there were different opinions regarding spots 1 thru 9, the top spot in the poll was a clear winner as Atlantic Shores achieved the #1 position.

    The Seahawks have started the season with a perfect 11-0 record. West Virginia recruit Jordan Sergent has two wins, two homeruns and a .429 batting average. Below is this weeks top 10.

    Coaches Consensus Top 10 Privates

    1. Atlantic Shores
    2. St Christopher
    3. Steward School
    4. Bishop Ireton
    5. Paul VI
    6. Benedictine
    7. Greenbrier Christian
    8. Liberty Christian
    9. Christchurch
    10. Flint Hill

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    What can you tell me about Paul VI??

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