2020-21 Winter Sports


VaPreps All Region
Sep 27, 2002
The current schedule begins in December with Season 1, which includes traditional winter sports such as basketball, indoor track and field, swimming and wrestling. Under this plan, Season 1 practices begin on Dec. 14, and the first contests can be played on Dec. 28.

Regional and state playoffs would vary.

In basketball, regionals will be played Feb. 8-13 with only the champion from each region advancing to the state tournament. The state semifinals will be played Feb. 16 and the state championship game on Feb. 20.

For indoor track and field, regional meets will take place between Feb. 1-6, with the state championship meet offered on Feb. 13. Swimming’s regional competitions are slated for Feb. 3-6 and the state championship meet will go on Feb. 13.

Wrestling would hold regional tournaments from Feb. 1-6 and the season would culminate with state championships on Feb. 12-13.



VaPreps Varsity
Feb 23, 2016
With emperor Ralphie's announcement yesterday, I doubt anyone will be playing winter sports at this point.

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