Announcer Pregame Regulations?

Sep 7, 2019
Outside of the normal welcome and the usual pregame script at basketball games, is there any specific regulations on announcers before the game starts? We're hoping to start a few new traditions at the games, and while it can be done without any announcer's help (Introducing new chants), I thought it would be easier by using the microphone so that there could be 'practice' before the game starts (Sometimes it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks). It would also have an announcement to respect all of the visiting team per usual, and I know that all bets are off the second of the tip off, I just wanted to make sure.

Also, I know that the band has played pregame before, and I was wondering if pregame music over the speakers would be allowed as well?

Just wanted some reassurance just to make sure no VHSL rules are broken!

White hat

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Aug 17, 2001
This is an interesting question but would not be part of the rules enforced by the officials.

You'd have to check the VHSL Handbook. You can download it from the VHSL web site.

My guess is that anything that's tasteful, positive and includes the sportsmanship pledge would be fine. I doubt anyone will say anything unless you do something deliberately offensive. It doesn't sound like that's your plan, so you'll probably be OK
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