Helmet Rule


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Oct 13, 2014
I was looking through some of the recent posts in here and seen a discussion regarding the removal of a helmet and it not specifically being an infraction. I have seen this occur a few times over the last several years and the player is always instructed to leave the field. The only time I have seen it overlooked is if there was a TO called or going to be called and the teams were already walking to the numbers. I will ask again, is this addressed anywhere in the rulebook for high school football? Seems to me that if someone deliberately removed an opposing players helmet to gain an advantage for a play (especially around the goal line or some other crucial game situation) that there would be a foul on the offending player and the affected player would be allowed to stay in the game. I think it is a spirit of the law/letter of the law thing. What say you @White hat?

And thanks again to all of you officials for all your patience with answering so many question through out the year.

White hat

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Aug 17, 2001
I believe the previous discussion was regarding a player removing their OWN helmet.

You can't take an opponent's helmet off without consequence.

If a helmet comes off during a down, the player must leave for a play UNLESS there was a foul by the opponent that caused the helmet to come off. If B grabs A's facemask and the helmet comes off, B is flagged and A is allowed to stay in the game.