Home and Away Custom Designed Uniform Sets $78

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    Update your programs entire look this off season. Get two sets of top quality custom designed premium quality uniforms for $78 total.

    Custom Wilson 1780 Game Football:
    Customized with your team name and logo.
    Composite Cover
    Butyl rubber
    High-grade microfiber composite leather cover
    Cal (accurate control lacing) allows quarterbacks to confidently grip the ball and Fire tight spirals to their target
    Multi-layered lining helps the ball retain its shape through the toughest drills
    NFHS approved
    $25.00 (Min 10)
    Official size and weight.

    Custom Football Uniform:
    One Jersey
    One pair of pants
    One pair customized football socks
    One drawstring bag
    $39.00 (Only 50% due to begin production)

    Football Team Kit 1:
    One Home Uniform
    One Away Uniform
    1 Practice Jersey
    Two Pairs customized football socks
    One customized duffel bag
    $89.00 (Only 50% due to begin production)

    Football Team Kit 2:
    One Home Uniform
    One Away Uniform
    2 Practice Jerseys
    Two Pairs customized football socks
    One Game Day Polo
    One customized duffel bag
    6 Coaches custom design Dri- Fit coaches Polo’s included for free with orders of 30 or more
    $120.00 (Only 50% due to begin production)

    Team Gear Kit:
    One team warm-up/track suit
    One team warm-up long/short sleeve shirt
    One Game day polo shirt
    One large duffel bag.

    Sideline Coach Kit:
    2 custom designed home/away Wooden Polo shirts
    1 custom wool sweater
    1 pair customized Nelson leather sideline shoes

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