How do you rule on this?

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Aug 1, 2002
Team A kicks to B. B returner muffs the kickoff at the B 5 yd line. Ball gets past him and as he reaches for it he kicks it and the ball goes through the back of the end zone.

White hat

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Aug 17, 2001
That's an illegal kick, obviously.

The result of the play is a touchback. ALL kicks into R's (B's) endzone are touchbacks and because the returner did not possess the ball, the play remained as a kick. So even though the returner helped out the ball with the illegal kick, the result is still a touchback. (It seems like this should be a safety, but it's not.)

Now, how to assess the penalty.... Since this is a kickoff, the only option is to enforce 10 yards (yes, it's now 10 yards, no longer 15) from the previous spot and rekick.