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Discussion in 'Class 4A (Fall)' started by ed r forshey, May 10, 2018.

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    Ed, here is how I typically track down schedules.

    First, if I don't know what district a school is in, or I don't know the name of the district, I do the following:

    Go to the VHSL website, click on "About VHSL"; from the drop down menu, click on "Alignment"; I then click on the tab that says "District". This groups all of the district members together.

    Try this as a short cut up to this point, https://www.vhsl.org/alignment/

    Unfortunately, it is not a live link to each district website, so you have to look up each district. Which is no big deal. If you just type in the name, i.e. Battlefield District, the district website is usually the first hit that comes up. A few district have a funny link, but you can usually find it. Sometimes, putting in the district name followed by .org will narrow down the choices.

    The VHSL used to have a list of the district websites that were live links, but I can no longer find it.

    When you get to the district website, you should see a list of the member schools over near the right hand side near the top. When you click on a team, and their page comes up, it is usually the current school calendar.

    Look on the upper right for the little arrow that points left. This is the "open menu" button.

    Select and double click "schedule"

    Scroll down until you see varsity football and click the tiny box beside it. Then at the bottom of this menu click "view". This gives you whatever information the school has posted.

    If you don't see "varsity football" as a choice, it means the school has not updated their schedule yet.

    A few may only have a partial schedule listed.

    This is what that schedule page will look like.


    I hope I wasn't too confusing. And I hope this helps you out.
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