Turner Ashby 71, Millbrook 64 (from Saturday)

Sep 23, 2011
It was Millbrook's first home loss since 2008.

TA seems to be improving with such a young squad this year. They could be dangerous come conference tourney time.

The Valley District once again flexes its muscle over other areas. TA, currently 4th in the Valley, takes down what appears to be the top team in the NWD. Good win for the Lady Knights.

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Jun 1, 2006
A good weekend to be a Knight (and former one too)

I think it was Harrisonburg that was the last team to win in The Casey, too. That was the first or second home game in Courtni Green's career. Don't know what the consecutive wins steak was, but its awful tough to go without a home loss for four complete seasons. Millbrook kept it going for a very long time. Credit to Lovell and his kids. They got stomped in Winchester the last two years with young teams. Now it looks like they're ready to soar again!

Green, by the way, scored four points today at JMU as Delaware had its lunch taken away big time. Dukes 87, Blue Hens 51. Dukes scored 60 in the second half too. Kirby Burkholder was unstoppable (33 points) and let a few players from Delaware know it too a couple times after made shots. She was a former Turner Ashby Knight and credit to her for getting better each year at JMU. Probably the best player in the CAA now.
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