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Dec 30, 2012
Happy holidays to all
which I heard the fans ask Santa for better basketball
Handley is still the same with Coach Scott making the calls
They will continue to lose as long as he roams the Handley halls
Sherando has started all over and back to their losing ways
They should have kept firecracker Reed to lead them to championship days
James wood is undefeated but we really don't know if they can play
Playing the blind & death teams will catch up with you by May
Millbrook once again seems to be the team to beat
Reed & cook are the stars that are bringing the heat
Conference play is about to begin
Some schools already are trying to keep firecracker Reed from getting in
Millbrook still got a great home streak going on
Something is telling me it won't be for to much long
James Woods girls are walking the beat
The girls are saying we are about to break millbrooks last streak
Let's all hold hands and bow our heads
Before teams feast on Handley and sherandos heads.
I'll see u soon at the games as I cheer my Handley Boys
To the championship game.
I do watch the girls and openly say
I think James wood & millbrook girls will advance to states along the way
Ho ho ho
I'll return another day
Don't drink and drive
I want to see you at the games


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Aug 20, 2012
Dude were you drunk when making this post.

You said "James wood is undefeated but we really don't know if they can play Playing the blind & death teams will catch up with you by May"

Then you turn around and say "I think James wood & millbrook girls will advance to states along the way".


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Dec 19, 2005
Since Winchester has the best girls basketball in that area in 4A North which teams will return the most next season? Just curious trying to get something big going for my 5th annual event!!
Dec 30, 2012
Yes James Wood plays weak teams to build confidence early in the season but they still have just enough to beat teams to get to the state tournament then they will get SMASHED
Next season I was told there is another Green coming to Millbrook and she is better than the best female baller to ever play in Winchester her sister Courtni who holds 3 rings, 3 POYs, 80 game winning streak and her jersey hanging in the gym. I was told the Pioneer picture hanging on the wall in the gym is her dad because he built the basketball program there :) ( some praise to the GOD FATHER since people say I disrepect the family). With her and Millbrooks returning players to include Div 1 prospect Lauren Reed and I heard Handleys Robinson is transferring there because she hates Coach Scott and it shows during games. You can get the charter bus tickets ready to go to Richmond and start collecting more state championship trophies for MHS.
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Dec 30, 2012
Was told last night Green is not going to attend Millbrook she is heading to Paul VI but has other offers on the table. WOW what a blow to the program could have been nice to see her with the Reed kid. Thats why I hate this private school crap we lose alot of talent. Instead of the Greens bringing others to come to Millbrook why don't they take their own advise and stay right at home....I want to see if shes the real way in he$$ better than Courtni.
Dec 11, 2013
Happy New Year to all and allow me to put my foot in the local observations of sports in the area from an objective and fair standpoint.

I wouldn't count the younger Green going to Private school yet! The facts are the Greens have sent all their kids to Millbrook, if they plan on changing that we will have to wait and see. Yes E junior went private but only in his senior year and that was a good move. Fact is Millbrook will be totally reloaded next year transfers included. They get a top transfer every year too, but the real question is will they get trough this year respectfully and with the new play off format, do they make it? This area may very well experience no one making the playoffs and bragging rights going to the team who wins the most games between the four former Winchester NWD teams. I predict that with the new tournament format only one team in Winchester will go to states from conf 21....Woodgrove and Loudoun County are good teams they will be tough to beat plus Heritage shouldn't be slept on. Good Luck to all the teams and may the odds always be in your favor!

Right now it's looking like Sherando is the team to beat there of to a great start and there still doing everything Coach Reed did, Millbrook appears to have had a bad tournament but they have too many returning veterans to count them out. Da Wood had a poor showing last year and have also picked up a transfer but they have a few games coming up that will show us if their for real or not. Clarke County maybe the best team they have faced so far so let's see the result of that one. Handley has two players #22 and #11 they can't do it alone and well we know Handley isn't in the equation, I wouldn't be surprised if the County teams just stop playing them now there not even in Conference 21 with the Big 3.

My Katniss Rankings 1/2/2013

Clarke and Skyline are not ranked both are not 4A teams

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Dec 30, 2012
KATNIP I appreciate your observation and I do say by god "you are out of your damn mind at times". Sherando is playing good ball and using FIRE CRACKER REED system (come on coach use your own schemes let the legend go away peacefully) but they don't have the fortical testitudes to hold to number one. The school is known for being runner-ups and they accept that please do not let a XMAS tournament which they scored 29 points have you thinking a district or regional title is in the works.
Millbrook has the two best players in the area but as I told people the question is can they put the selfishness aside and be like Wade & LeBron. If I know fire cracker he is telling his daughter to shoot from the time they run out of the tunnel. One thing about shooters if they are cold then there she blows and you go down....they went down the newspaper reported they shot 7 for 42 from the field between the two....the titantic...If Coach Barr is like his legendary daddy he will find a way to win
James Wood is James Wood they got a bunch of girls who play basic basketball that will give you 100% which is 50% of the other teams effort and try to win. They have got better with a few shooters and a good ball handler and a young athletic girl who could be good with other good players around her but they will finish in early February like normal and skip to the garden to plant their family harvest.
Clarke County I heard was going to be a state contender. Last year they had a big girl and a shooter and the rest of the team sucked and still went to states....well thats Single A and that doesn't amount to a pot of dog poop. I heard they got a college coach but I still love Lawrence he was CRAZZZZY.
Skyline.....enough said
So Katnip we are not far off but Sherando #1 without FIRECRACKER REED is like the Redskins winning the Super Bowl this year..NO WAY IN HE$$.

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