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Feb 22, 2002
PLEASE don't get me wrong but I really don't believe in ALL-TOURNAMENT teams. I certainly don't want to take away from these young men's accomplishments and the recognition they so justly deserve. But are they going to a national tournament against other All-State teams? No, they are not. Why six first-teamers and six second-teamers? Last I checked, basketball at any ORGANIZED level was a FIVE-man game. If you're afraid of hurting someone's feelings when you don't include them, then do this - don't announce an "All-Star"/"All-District"/"All-Tournament" team at all. Instead, quietly send them an honor scroll and thank them for their outstanding play over the course of their careers. Reward them in secret - what a concept!

There are three teams with two representatives each - and, again, I am certain that each and every one of these young men deserves recognition for their dedication and the effort they have put into their basketball careers for their respective schools. So what about the other young men that played this past year? "Well, these 12 young men are the top of their class!" So you're telling me that "Joe Doe" from Sasquatch High - whose team just eked out a district tournament win but got eliminated in the first round of the regionals - did not mean as much to his team as these young men did? What kind of recognition does he deserve? What kind of recognition will he get - a couple of pats on the back and a few "Thanks for your hard work over the past four years"?

I remember a school who should have had ALL five of its starters on its district's all-tournament first team but in the interests of "fair play" , it only had two on the first team and one on the second team. The other three young men - whose contributions were just as vital and more impressive overall than the young men who "took" their spots - were "honorable mentions".

Of course, this will put a lot of sportswriters out of business once the season's over, and some might have to get a "real" job.

Let the "chips fall where they may" and honor the BEST in the best way for everyone!

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